Must Be Excellence

Upcoming Events

  • Sep 8

    Charger Junior Training Camp


    San Diego Charger at “Excellence,” September 8th from 3pm-4:30pm

  • Sep 16

    Parent-Teacher Organization Meeting

    During this meeting, the members of the PTO will be discussing the logistics of the PTO Sale that will be taking place the following day during Open House. Everyone is invited to attend!



KCAE Students and Staff Return to School Ready for the 2015-2016 School Year!!!!!!

Click on the link below to watch our school doing the "Cheetah Chant!"

Link to All-School Assembly Video 

Here are the Lyrics to Our Chant: 

Hey Excellence What Do You Say Lets Hear You Yell The Cheetah Way…


We are

Responsible! (KCAE Students)

We are

Respectful! (KCAE Students)

We are

Safe! (KCAE Students)

We are

Cheeeeetaaaahhhhhs!(KCAE Students)



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